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Thursday, September 05, 2013


Well said. It is a mother's choice and it is a personal one.

First off Thank you for writing this, My daughter is almost 3 (we are planning on trying for baby #2 soon) and I still feel like I am belittled for choosing to formula feed her. My sister breast fed, most of my friends do, and the babies I care for in my home daycare are all breast fed. With each one I questioned whether I made the right choice. I, like you, never felt comfortable with it, and felt pushed by the health care industry, peers and faceless rants on the internet that breast feeding should be the only option and I was horrible if I didn't choose that, that the only reasons formula should be used is for mom related health reasons.
My mother, who only breast fed one of her 4 children and it was the youngest, for a short time, was very supportive of my decision, said I have to do whats best for me and as long as my daughter was fed and happy I shouldn't worry, my husband was also very supportive and mirrored her sentiments.
Finding your article made me feel much better, that I wasn't alone and that each mom should feel free to choose not just because of health reasons or what society feels they should do, but because it their choice.

Casey, thanks for your comment! I completely understand what you mean. Once you make that decision, it's important to own it and be confident you are making the right decision for you and your family! Not everyone is bold enough to do what is best for themselves/family when it goes against popular societal beliefs, you are clearly you are! Good for you! Again, thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts!

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