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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Thank you! As a teacher, I certainly do not want weapons on my campus, unless they are being carried by highly trained law officers. I am not against gun ownership, but there has to be some understanding and common sense when it comes to the types of guns that are available to the average consumer. You do not need an AK-47 to hunt deer...and if the US government did decide to make paranoid delusions a reality and storm your home, I doubt it would do much good in that instance--just sayin'. A relative tried to argue that shooting assault rifles was fun...well, so is driving a race car, but there are reasons they're not allowed on public streets. Common sense, people, common sense!

I don't believe any of us want to live in a world where "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun". I am now 59 years old and was raised in a family that owned and respected firearms, we raised our son and daughter with that same respect. Two years ago my wife and I personally invested much or our time and money to insure that we received the proper firearm self defense training from licensed qualified instructors and we both obtained a concealed pistol permit. I carry my firearm with me ever day, everywhere I go and I pray to God when I leave the house each morning that I will never have to draw my firearm. However if time comes when I need to exercise my God given right to defend myself and my family, I chose to be prepared. I have attached a link to NRA's website (the puppet of the gun industry) so that you can spend some time reading the personal experiences of the "Good guy and gals" with guns. Good people with guns defend themselves and their families from evil ever day, far more often than the main stream media will ever let you know about because their liberal agenda is not "pro-gun" their goal is to disarm all of America and leave us all at the mercy of the criminal who doesn't give a sqaut about any laws.
Respectfully submitted,
Timothy J. Smith

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