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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Thank you for putting so eloquently, with facts and logic, what my two line post on Facebook attempted to do last night, after viewing others' post after post on chicken-eating check-ins. Unable to stomach them any longer (pun intended), I said, "How will you feel about your actions today if, in the near or distant future, your child, grandchild, relative, close friend, or colleague tells you that he or she is gay? When it's up close and personal, is it really just about freedom of speech?" Or, as a mother of a gay daughter proclaimed in my thread, the use of First Amendment rights to espouse bigotry, and how sad it was that people were acting proud to support that. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Great post!

Very nice post. I found myself seething last night after reading a thread on FB of a fellow twin mom (who happens to have a wife) and people kept saying "it's not about you...". Well, actually, it *is* about her, and her partner, and their children and countless other families like theirs! The disconnect is astounding.

I think most of the people in our geographic area agree with you. It's hard to imagine that there are places in our country where the exact opposite is true. Makes me wonder if a country this big is really effective at meeting the diverse wants and needs of such a diverse population...

If you read the story of Jesus and the woman you spoke of, you'll notice the last thing he told her was "go and sin no more." He did not condemn her, but he did not condone her sin.

Yes, Jograndma. I am aware of that, but my point, as I clearly state, is that it is neither my position, nor yours, to point out another's sin, or decide how someone has sinned or decide the degree of sin. Period.

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