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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I totally agree! I hate it when the ice cream truck comes around! It drives me crazy. Someday I'll move to the country so I don't have to deal with the truck, the music and the crazy people who drive them.

Ice cream trucks. Love em. Big kid. Age 46

I thought it interesting that your town doesn't have laws regulating ice cream trucks, because our town does and I just assumed all towns did. In Biddeford, Maine ice cream trucks are only allowed out during certain days of the week, certain hours of the day (8AM-4PM), are not allowed to sell on multi-lane streets (only allowed to sell on one-way streets and small side streets, where traffic is nearly non-existent - the town posts a lists of streets allowed and not allowed and drivers ave to have a copy of list in truck); they must have the same "stop sign" signage and light system as school buses (those signs that pop out and alert oncoming traffic to stop), truck must never drive over 25mph when the music is on, if there is a parking lot or a place to pull off the road they must do so in order to keep the kids off the street, if the truck is stopped the music must be shut off, when the truck is running the music can only be turned on while it is on those above mentioned side streets, and the music device must have a decibel counter on it and the music low enough to never be heard for more than one street away.

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