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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Wow... speechless! Manager needs training in tact and diplomacy. It was CLEARLY an honest mistake. Not only was his decision completely out of line... look at all of the waste he's created when you factor in Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, court time, attorney time... the list goes on.

I'm SO holding back "descriptive" words for this idiot. There are probably 50 people or more within a 10 mile radius of that store looking for work who are MORE than qualified to replace him!

I would expect a reprimand by the higher-ups at Safeway... a public apology to the family... and a free shopping spree.

Thanks! Clearly, I agree with you. We'll see how Safeway handles this situation.


This story too made me tear up! Oh my! How sad! I agree with you Safeway needs to have some decency. Bless their hearts, it was totally a slip of the mind I have walked back into the grocery store to pay for the box of diapers that was on the bottom of the cart which I overlooked. Thankfully, I was able to pay and go on my way! Never imagined all that could happen!

We have all done it at one time or another. We all get distracted while shopping. I choose to answer Safeway with my pocketbook. I will NOT be shopping there until I get an answer from them that makes sense. A simple apology is not good enough.

This was a really hot topic on the PiPress website. Tons of people thought they were really intending to steal just because they could. And several people said "Who would eat food at a store before paying for it?" Ummm ... I do. Connor and I used to eat a doughnut from the bakery while shopping in the mornings and then just tell the cashier to ring it up. I think Safeway kind of overracted but the police REALLY overracted.

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