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Monday, October 03, 2011


Thanks so much for posting this. This is a subject my husband and I have been putting off. I know it is silly but the single issue of who will care for our kids leaves us avoiding taking care of this. I look forward to reading more and take a leap to do this finally. Any tips on how to go about choosing a good estate planning attorney?

One other thing that has me spinning in circles is the difference between a will and a living trust. Is one better than another or do you have both?

Great information. My parents (in their early 70's) and both with cancer had none of this in place. It was such a hard position to be in as my Mom's health suddenly declined.

It is a gift to give our children to make these decisions ahead of any circumstances that may arise.

This is such a great topic to get people thinking, especially YOUNG people like us with kids. My parents have everything in place and all things paid up. All my sister and I have to do is go to the file in my dad's file cabinet that says, "When We Croak". I'm tempted to make a similar file. Thanks for the additional push.

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