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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Being an aware, careful and diligent driver is not enough. Bus driver's are given an inherent power in regards to this law. A police officer is not present, but can issue a citation on the driver’s testimony. The Minnesota law has teeth and there are very few options for a driver that is cited.

Also, you did not mention that this is also a gross misdemeanor if children are present. One step below a felony and it will stay on your record forever. I say forever, rather than the 15 years a misdemeanor would because of another recent law that has made it next to impossible to expunge your record in Minnesota.

My boys have been getting on the bus since January- they were just barely 2 years old. It has not been the typical introduction to bussing that I had expected (at age 5!).

On their first day of school, their bus was hit by a driver who ran a stop sign at the end of our street. We watched it happen while we were waiting for the bus to pick them up. They didn't ride the bus that day as the driver (obviously) called in the accident and had to wait for the police to come.

Since then it has been smooth sailing. Although when the BIG bus came to pick them up on their first day of summer school I about died. I was expecting a short bus. My two little 29 pound boys climbing up the steps of the bus with me following them in disbelief...I'm hoping we have a short bus in the fall.

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