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Monday, July 11, 2011


I agree with you on this - thanks for taking the risk and writing.

Very powerful post! Thank you!

I am glad you weighed in with some rational thoughts on the case. Yes, its SUPER frustrating that the person(s) who murdered this poor baby are not found and appropriately punished; but what would it serve our justice system if she had been convicted on some circumstantial evidence. I heard one juror say the prosecution couldn't even tell them for certain how Caylee died. I too had a two year old in July of 2008 and I too get lumps and pangs of fear when she is out of sight for a moment too long. But I hope this helps some who feel rage against the verdict.

I agree with you. The evidence was really sketchy. Caylee's death is a tragedy. I think some people want the legal system to compensate for that tragedy, but the fact is, the loss of life cannot always be recouped via the legal system.

I think that the prosecutor could've gone after more reasonable charges and might've gotten a better outcome.

It's really sad all around, but we can't deprive citizens of their liberty without evidence. That's the bottom line.

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