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Friday, May 27, 2011


Very good point. It almost seems like they are making a BIGGER deal out of their childrens' gender and preferences - which, I think could actually cause more angst. It's one thing to be open and accepting, it's another to deny them a sense of their most basic identity. I jusy hope they, like all kids, are loved unconditionally. I see it all too often, the little boy at gymnastics being called "scared" and a "chicken" by his parents, and he's not even 3. WHAT? that's how you treat a growing boy looking for your help and guidance? So sad.

Again, I am all for allowing kids to express themselves, but it seems like the parents, in this case, will only allow them to be gender neutral. I think there is some harm in that too. Are they truly allowed to be themselves, or are they just pleasing their parents by not conforming?

Thanks for the great posts Anna, have a good weekend!

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