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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


You and me both!

Phew - that's a lot to ask from a teacher! Although I think you're writing to the system as a whole =) I do think (hope/pray) that the system thinks twice before cuts, etc. - though the when they happen, the cuts are mighty hard to take. I agree wholeheartedly with your hopes, and hope they are met.

My parents are both teachers in public schools, and I loved growing up in the local public school system. You DB's will do great!

System can be good or bad. But one teacher can make the whole difference for better or unfortunately worse sometimes. I would recommend you to keep close touch with the teachers so you can get a better feel about them and act accordingly.

Oh, yes! School has not even started and I have already met with the principal of Darling 1's school. They will see me often, like it or not. I try to be very involved/informed about what/how my kids are doing in school/other activities without hovering/taking over.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Selin!

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