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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Amen!! Many of our items parallel! I love randomly paying for peoples meals & coffees with my "extra". I just long to be able to do more mission work and fund those who've got a true God led ministry & calling. Let's pray for one another ! <3
Domestic, But Not Martha

No shocker, but this would be so awesome! Pay off mortgage, buy a new car (like one of those "fancy" minivans when you push a button the door automatically opens!), go on an extravagant trip and bring my whole family (mom, dad, sister) and make a huge donation to my alma mater. The list goes on!

Fabulous list. Mine is remarkably similar. Depending on the amount of winnings, I'd also give sizeable amounts to our parents and siblings and small amounts to close friends.

You should try to take a family vacation even if you don't win the lottery. They don't have to be expensive and you (adults AND kids) will remember it forever.

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