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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I saw my confident, handsome, strong husband head off to his first day of work in over a year! If ever a man can "beam from ear to ear", he did!

I saw my grand baby,JP,eight mo.old moving two tops at one time,while his Dad and mom looked on proudly.

I saw my twin boys sit next to each other at the table voluntarily and get along for a couple of minutes. Beautiful :)

I saw beach sand today.This may sound crazy but after a long cold and snowy winter it was like heaven just to lay on it even though the lake was still frozen with ice.

I actually do a daily project finding something beautiful that I'm thankful for. The ones from the past week include: an impromptu picnic, coffee w/ friends, a quiet night on the couch, the sound of my children's laughter, open-toed shoes, sidewalk chalk art, and my daughter's green eyes.

I just tweeted this.:)

This past week I picked up a new beautiful handbag...ahh.

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Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed!

Having my 5 year old and 3 year old play together (peacefully) outside finally is beautiful to me!

Something beautiful and completely unexpected that I saw this week was a message written on a pedestrian bridge over 94W, right before Huron, it simply said "Let it go" and for whatever reason it really spoke to me.

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The sun, and my children playing outside under it!

Three owls taking flight at Papa's Place Sunday evening and the beautiful sight of rain in this drought stricken area!

I watched my 2 kids play together in the sandbox for an extended period of time while I sat in the sun and read a book!

The lingering sound in my head of my grandson's voices and the laughter of their parents are things of beauty to me along with the strawberries blooming outside my door!

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The Titian exhibit @ the MIA has many beautiful works in it - I highly recommend going!

I enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday afternoon sipping wine and snacking on mussels at Amore Victoria's patio with my husband. It felt so good to feel the warm sun on my face!

My 3-year-old daughter's first "person" drawing- beautiful!

My boyfriend and I enjoyed a nice hour in the hammock on Monday afternoon with each other after work and some cold Blue Moon beer. It's beautiful that we lived such a blessed life in so many ways, even the most simple!

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