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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Love the picture! Love the glimpse of humorous daily drama! Appreciate the info, especially at this season's occupation of nonstop shopping, I will be more watchful of warnings, small pieces, and magnets!

oh yes, we have FAR too many toys...I know it. He knows it. THEY know it.
But much like your kids, ours DO play with everything...and I mean everything. Sometimes, all at once! Matchbox cars parked outside of the Loving Family Dollhouse where the spiderman dive stick lives with Polly Pocket and the animals from the Little People Farm. (In my living room!)
What I TRY to do - which does not always work - is ask people who INSIST on giving us gifts - is to give us gifts like books or clothes, or character band aids & kid toothpaste. My kids go bonkers for kid toothpaste & what a great, inexpensive, & somewhat disposable gift!

I can sympathize and my kids are 10 and 8 lol. I swear we single-handedly keep the Webkinz industry going. Thanks for the links to the recall lists, I have some younger nieces and nephews to buy for this year so I have to get back into the read the label habit.

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