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Monday, December 13, 2010


We are Sojourners, a Church of Christ mission. We go to children's homes, youth camps and small churches to work(both physical and evanglistic). We've done this for 5 years. There are so many ways to "give back" for the many blessings we have received. We have sent items and cards to our Soldiers through the year..not just at Christmas. Our PEO chapter(which provides scholarships for women to go to college) is involved with the "Dress a Child" program and bought clothes and toys for children in need. We invited elderly people who have no families here for Thanksgiving. My bridge group gives to the "Empty Stocking" fund each year to give some family help during this time of the year. We are "loaning" our home to a college student who will be here visiting his elderly grandfather during the holidays. If anyone just looks around, there are so many ways to help someone who is lonely or having struggles in their lives. We need to teach our children how to help the ones who need help....taking them to children's hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Children have a way a brightening the elderly's lives in a way no one else can. Thank you, Anna for the work you put into this blog because it is helping others too. Thank you!

My church helps me donate money, Toys for Tots, and to the local food shelf. I will take everything there and they do the rest. I love that place.

Oh - and I organized sending a couple dozen cookies to a 99'er in Atlanta whose blog some of us MN girls read. ;) She was over the moon and it made me feel fabulous!

Wow, Gwen. You're an amazing woman. You certainly have found many, many ways that you can give back to your community and others. You are so right, children do need to be taught to do for others, without promise of anything in return. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

Lisa, thanks for your comment. It's so nice that your church provides that service for you. It's a lot easier and more likely that people will give when it fits into their busy schedules. That's what I like about the charities that pick up from the curb on certain days of the month.

Wow, what a great idea to send her cookies. I bet she was thrilled to get them!! What's the blog site?

Thanks, Anna

Thanks, Anna

Our church was a sponsorship of the Shoeboxes. This is a great opportunity, too, and one you can get your kids involved in. I loved that they went with me to Target and we didn't buy anything for them, just toys and goodies for other little boys and girls.
Great post, Anna. This is so important all year but we are all thinking of it now especially.

That terrific, Heidi. Love the shoebox program. So true. Giving year round is an important lesson to taught to our kids and remembered by us, the adults. There is never a lack of need.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Really excellent article - thoughtful and thorough!

As a Dad to 5, I've become very passionate about introducing kids to philanthropy early on. As a lifelong computer geek, I'm also very keen on Internet based solutions. One of my personal favorite charities at the nexus of these two is http://www.DonorsChoose.org

I encourage parents to check it out as a neat way to engage kids in the process of philanthropy. For those who are interested in a bit more detail, I wrote a post about it here:

As per your suggestion above, I checked it out in CharityNavigator and it gets a 4 star rating:

Happy holidays!

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