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Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi Anna-

I LOVE this story. Last year, I went to Target -first Black Friday experience -- to get a TV. I had NO idea about what I would call the 'subculture' of Black Friday shoppers. It was very cold at 4 am, but not as cold as I think it was this year. I remember secretly rolling my eyes when the Target employee came to pass out store maps. Didn't he know I practically live at Target? Oh, but then I learned about how the big items were placed in different spots all over the store -- one of my "fellow" BF shoppers told me about that. Anyway, got in, walked (didn't run, because they told us in no uncertain terms that they wouldn't
put up with that), found the TV, lifted the box and got a nasty cut on my wrist (still have a slight scar today), but gosh darn it, I got the TV. I think of how happy I am about that everytime I watch Mad Men and can see Jon Hamm in all his glory. Oh, other times, too, I guess.

Happy holidays!
Julie Pfitzinger

Julie, Thanks for sharing your crazy Black Friday story. And it sounds like you don't regret standing in frigid temps to get your TV either. I can't beleive you have a scar to remind you of it though. The lengths we wil go to get a good deal! Thanks for reading - and commenting!

I can't believe all that you went through! At least you weren't shopping in the middle of the night with a really cranky and irritable friend. ;)

A great story, wish that I had been with you, except with really warm clothing!! The rest of the story would have made for some really serious giggling!! About the toy safety, one has to be prepared with more than a wish list these days.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that I can picture this happening to me EXACTLY the same way.

I wish I had gone to TRU. I decided too late that I wanted the train set and table they had for half price.

What was the A-list item you did not get?

Jen, Thanks for the solidarity! It was Optimus Prime Transformer Robot. I got it, but it was double what I could have paid at Toys R Us.

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