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Monday, October 04, 2010


My question is,,where does it stop? We legalize achohol because people wouldn't abide by the rule.

We legalize killing babies, so women won't get hurt trying to do it on thier own.

So are we now going to legalize other drugs so that we can disband the drug cartels? So people can get drugs freely, just as people are allowed to drink freely today and still many don't abide by drunk driving rules, so now we have a high rate of car accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving......Maybe we should do away with the drunk driving rules?

Anyway, I agree that the sexting should not always be punished by marking the person as a sex offender, and that some rules need to be looked at more closely when being enforced....

But I don't believe that abortion and alcohol fall into that category. I think some rules just need to be enforced more strictly. I maintain that alcohol is still a drug. Abortion is killing a baby, and if women were willing to risk thier lives to get rid of thier baby before abortion was legal, then so be it.

So there's my two cents (;

These are definitely great points you're making. The sexting laws have really gone to far, and I think their is definitely a better way of punishing teenagers. This reminds me of the double standard that applied to older male h.s. students sleeping with younger female students. A honor student, had been accepted to Vanderbilt University, but was charged with rape (not statutory) for sleeping with another highschooler, losing his scholarship and everything. Although I don't agree with them having sex, the law wasn't meant to punish highschoolers participating in consensual sex. His conviction was later overturned only after losing everything. How many female h.s. students had been prosecuted for sleeping with younger male h.s students at the time? ZERO.

Mom Venture

While we don't share the same views, I certainly appreciate your comment and your opinion. However, I didn't mean to pass judgment on any of these laws/regs/codes, respectively. It was merely the unintended results caused by these laws, etc. that I'm focusing on here.

Thanks for reading,


Thanks for your comment. That's a great and sad example. The way the child pornography laws are being applied to teens is the most frustrating of all of the examples I discuss in the post.

Thanks for your continued support!

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