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Attorney. Wordsmith. Author of Hanging By a Thread Blog. Mom. Wife. Talker. Lover of Fine Chocolate. Passion Driven. Hire me to Write or Research.


I'm mom to two darling, crazy, silly, spirited, brilliant boys, ages 7 years and 5 years, two very large dogs & three cats. I am also a wife, an attorney and a domestic goddess (Oh, who am I kidding? I could really use a cleaning service, a gardener, a nanny and an assistant.)

I live in Minneapolis, but I'm originally a Texan. I'm a graduate of the University of Oklahoma School of Law, and I'm a member of the Oklahoma Bar. I'm a full-time work-at-home-mom. I have worked as a judicial law clerk, an attorney editor for a legal publisher & now as an independent contractor & professional writer. I love to research and write about almost any topic.

I read magazines from back to front; I can't blow up balloons or any other inflatable items; I love chocolate, coffee, tuna sandwiches & pizza; I have never been able to figure out a yo-yo; I have an excellent memory; I am usually running late; I love to have coffe dates with friends and just talk and talk; & I'm a sucker for an animal at a humane society.

The photography you see on ML was taken by my Darling Boys or by me. Thanks to DH for all of his technical help & his continued aid & support in this endeavor; without his help I wouldn't have the time to write.

I'm always cooking up new ideas and plans, and I'm always available for freelance writing projects. My dream gig is a regular column in a major newspaper, magazine and/or website where I get to spout off my opinions, advice, important information and random thoughts and get paid for it. I'm working my way towards my dream post by post.


chocolate, laughing, roses, warm socks, coffee, good books, justice, talking, my boys, prayer, girls' night out, child advocacy, tuna sandwiches, puppies and kittens, consumer safety issues, writing, 89.3 the current, lake harriet, pizza, Constitutional law