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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I am truly hoping the US comes around on this issue...but I am convinced that the odds are slim. I'm guessing that any attempt to recognize and fund womens' maternity leaves will result in a right-wing conservative outcry that moms should just be staying home with their kids anyway, and that the government shouldn't be interfering in personal lives, etc. etc.

I get that sentiment too...but when the rest of the world has acknowledged parental leave as a priority, doesn't it seem strange that the US can't even keep up with AFGHANISTAN on this issue...?!

Everytime I hear about this I think about how much the Republicans say they are for "Family Values" - if they TRULY ARE this would be their number one on the agenda. But they aren't - they are for big business just like all politicians.

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While I am a liberal Dem, myself, I'm not sure we can blame just the Repbulicans on this issue. Neither the Clinton nor the Obama Administrations have pushed for better paid parental leave or job security for parents on leave. I think our country is obsessed with the bottom dollar, and that means that "family values" are not really valued all that much in this country, unfortunatley.

Thanks so much for your comment and for reading. I value all opinions!


Katy, Thanks for your comment! I agree that the odds are slim that the U.S. will change the policies on parental leave any time soon. This is unfortunate, and it is shocking that so many other countries, countries the U.S. would call undeveloped, are so generous with paid parental leave.
Thanks, Anna

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